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Bullonerie Riunite Romagna S.p.a.

With a warehouse that counts more than 75.000 items, Bullonerie Riunite Romagna S.p.A. is one of the most important Italian seller of this business sector. Since 1981 the company deals successfully with fasteners’ business, sphere in which Bullonerie has developed a specialization: the realization on drawing.

In honour of the conclusion of our 40° activity’s year, we would like to turn back and retrace our story. At first, our target were small artisan and agricultural concerns, of which Romagna’s territory is rich. Then, the firm, devoted itself to single costumers, trying to meet their requirements, like finding special prices (often hard to find). In 1994 Bulloneria Romagna and its partner Centro Inox, a firm that finds nautical stainless steel’s products, have merged to form Bullonerie Riunite Romagna, that since 2004 has become a S.p.A.

Lots of products are always available on stock, prompt orders management, quick reply, by telematic and computer systems, to all costumers’ requests, a careful selection of the suppliers, that are always highly qualified, high quality items, that enforce the international and national regulations, commercial and technical staff highly qualified. These are the strategies to achieve the prearranged objectives.

During these years Bullonerie Riunite Romagna has refused the “prices war”, in order to concentrate on high quality products (almost always o f Italian production) and to fix the attention on better services. The rest was made by the study, the planning and the realization of special articles.

Moreover, no t only obtaining the quality certification, but also the investment in human resources have been an important step. Investing in human resources gave us the opportunity to put a planning, advice and technical assistance team, that helps our costumers in order to solve every problem. This service gave us the chance to enlarge our Clientele, extending to medium size and big mechanics industry, plant engineering and shipbuilding for big works.

The future was round the corner and since September 2010 Bullonerie Riunite Romagna presented itself with a completely renewed appearance. The new establishment, that includes a warehouse of 3.600 sm. logistically more advanced and dynamic and an office section of 600sm., gives us the possibility to improve the quality and the quickness of our services and allows us to specialize not only in structural bolts and items for solar installation’s area, but also in kan-ban services, proposing tailor-made solutions.


The innovation, dictated by everyday stimulus and by problems and regulations development, urges us further, s till keeping a direct and personal relation with the costumer, in order to respect our 35 experience’s years.

Herewith, we would like to propose our company as certificated firm UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, able to provide a global service for the optimal solution to purchasing problems in fixing, connection of mechanical parts and industrial supply with certified quality items.

Our structure is divided into 6 macro sections :

  1. BOLTS AND SCREWS of medium – high – very high resistance ;
  4. FASTENERS AND SPECIAL ITEMS ON DRAWING and no unified products;

As we know every different firm’s situation, our company is able to deal without any problem with big and small business.

Our products, more than 75.000, can be provided with a surface treatment, according to Costumers’ requests.

Our firm is characterized by replies’ timeliness to Costumer’s requests and for the research of alternative solutions, with an effective service and a staff, that is always willing during the planning and the choice of materials’ use.

An engineering office of technical and planning advice has been inserted in our technical sector.

If you consider that this would be in your interest, our business management is available for proposal or your pleasant requests.



Our Certifications

Quality System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015